Outsourced Investment Management (OCIO)


Outsourced invesment management (OCIO) solutions let you focus on mission-related initiatives — while remaining as engaged with your investment decisions as you want to be.


Free Yourself to Focus on What Matters Most


Managing financial assets is a core activity that can distract non-profit organizations from focusing on more strategic initiatives related to your mission. We can help manage the day-to-day details of running the investment, operational, and administrative aspects of your program, freeing your team or investment committee to focus on driving strategic value, pursuing your mission, or transforming your organization.


OCIO All Starts with You


No two non-profits are alike. Our goal is to develop a customized outsourced solution that best fits your organization’s governance and decision-making structure while maintaining flexibility (as illustrated below) to make changes over time as your organization grows and evolves. We can manage the entirety of your investment program or you can choose specific aspects of your investment program to delegate to our OCIO team.


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Why Choose Pavilion?

Pavilion's dedicated not-for-profit consulting team provides creative perspectives and customized solutions that can help you deliver on your mission over the long term.


About Pavilion

As a leading not-for-profit investment consultant, we offer a full spectrum of research, advice and delegated solutions for healthcare, endowments, foundations and faith-based organizations.

Dedicated not-for-profit investment professionals across the United State
$390 Billion
Under advisement in the not-for-profit marketplace
Not-for-profit organizations who have chosen Pavilion as their investment partner
$17 Billion
Under Management in delegated solutions from not-for-profit client partners


Please see Important notices for further information.

Services to be provided by Mercer Investments LLC, which is one of several, associated legal entities that provides investments services to clients as part of a global investment advisory and investment management business (collectively referred to as “Mercer”).

Please see “Important Notices” for more information on Assets Under Management and Assets Under Advisement.

Information above is as of December 31, 2017

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