Our comprehensive not-for-profit investment support services include performance analysis and reporting, manager monitoring, client education and support and vendor evaluation.

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Our comprehensive not-for-profit investment support services include performance analysis and reporting, manager monitoring, client education and support and vendor evaluation.

Ongoing Support Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support

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Supporting your investment decision making    

While institutional portfolios are complex, we can help you stay informed with our extensive support services, including performance analysis, manager monitoring, client education, and vendor evaluation. Our consultants have deep experience distilling complex information into actionable insights and can help you gain a better understanding of your investment portfolio.        

  • Performance Analysis & Reporting. Our reports provide a concise and logical presentation of how your portfolio is doing — and how it compares to appropriate benchmarks and peer groups — giving you a clear, concise understanding of your situation. From quarterly performance reports to executive summaries to monthly flash reports, we offer a wide selection of value-added reporting. Our performance measurement software allows us to segment data in multiple ways and provide you with meaningful context beyond just the numbers.     
  • Manager Monitoring. We take care to select managers, and take care to select managers whom we believe have strong prospects for outperforming their benchmarks over a full market cycle, as well as managers who have complementary approaches. When our views on the market or investment managers change, we're able to quickly respond — so you can make proactive, informed investment decisions. Our monitoring tools include:    

     • Our proprietary manager database (MercerInsight®)    
     • Daily cash, trading, compliance, and performance updates    
     • Monthly manager reports    
     • Quarterly manager calls/meetings with portfolio manager    
     • Regular onsite manager reviews            
  • Client Education & Support. Knowledge is power, and we’re committed to helping you understand your investment strategies, choices, and risks. In addition to offering educational workshops on topics ranging from capital markets to alternative investments, we have helped hundreds of investment committees improve their efficiency and effectiveness.    

    Offering a full range of fiduciary services, Pavilion helps ensure that your investments are properly aligned with your mission and objectives and that your investment committee has conviction in the investment decisions and confidence in your ability to achieve your long-term goals.      

  • Vendor Evaluation & Selection. Our Mercer Sentinel® specialist team is dedicated to helping you reduce operational and service provider risk and costs — and potentially improve returns — by guiding you through your investment operations, execution, custody and risk management decisions. 

Why Choose Pavilion?

Pavilion's dedicated not-for-profit consulting team provides creative perspectives and customized solutions that can help you deliver on your mission over the long term.

About Pavilion

As a leader in retirement and investment strategies, we offer a full spectrum of actuarial, administration, delegated, and investment services.


Dedicated not-for-profit investment professionals across the United States    

$390 Billion

Under advisement in the not-for-profit marketplace


Not-for-profit organizations who have chosen Pavilion as their investment partner    

$17 Billion

Under Management in delegated solutions from not-for-profit client partners    

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