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Tools and Research

• Client situation: A $500-million foundation decided to take their investments in-house. The newly hired CIO hired new staff and approached Pavilion to see ways Pavilion could supplement its due diligence efforts

• Pavilion solution: By leveraging MercerInsight®, the client assesses the same research Pavilion uses on a daily basis.

• Results: This foundation is able to access Pavilion’s entire investment and operational due diligence library plus measure performance information on thousands of strategies. 1


• Client situation: We needed to transform a healthcare governmental entity to a not-for-profit with a limited investment portfolio.

• Pavilion solution: We analyzed the risk to key financial metrics and quantified the new risk tolerance — helped to establish risk levels, asset allocation and desired asset classes and performed manager searches, fee negotiations, and transitions.

• Results:  Guided the client on new risk and hedging levels, drafted new combined investment policy statements, and more  — portfolio benefits from structuring of streamlined but custom solution. 1

OCIO Solutions

• Client situation: A $100M college endowment had large allocation bets but limited staff and volunteer committee. Also had immediate-term liquidity management needs and wanted an outsourced partnership with efficient implementation and flexible multi-asset class framework.

• Pavilion solution: By leveraging Pavilion investment structure, investment manager, and all operational management — even audit support— client now has a flexible, scalable solution and is comfortable re-committing to private investments.

• Results: Costs reduced by 15%.1

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Tools & Research

Do you seek insights from global research or need resources to augment your in-house research efforts?


Our firm has invested heavily in research to provide our clients with proactive, timely, and actionable investment ideas. With 165 researchers located in more than 10 countries, we offer a distinct advantage over our competitors in terms of the development of intellectual capital and the thought leadership we bring to our clients. This is particularly evident in the quality of our manager database.


  • Analytics and data services to inform investment decisions
  • Over 2,500 rated A strategies
  • 70+ dedicated alternatives team
  • 11,000+ strategies rated



Do you need help developing and implementing your investment strategy?


We are dedicated to helping your organization not only realize optimal risk-adjusted returns but also fulfill your mission. Backed by extensive research capabilities and years of industry experience, we employ a proactive consulting approach—timely advice, customized recommendations and implementation assistance, all based on our understanding of your circumstances, objectives, and risk appetite.


Delegated (OCIO) Solution

Do you want to focus more of your staff and committee time on your mission?


We can help make that a reality.


As an Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO), we will act as an extension of your staff, overseeing the day-to-day management of the assets in your investment portfolio. You can delegate specific investment responsibilities to us, including the authority to retain and terminate investment managers as necessary and implement an asset allocation strategy based on your parameters. We can expand or narrow our services based on your needs, and handle all or part of the portfolio.



What we do


Capital Markets Research
Manager Research
Alternative Investments


Strategic Planning
Asset Allocation
Risk Management
Fee Negotiations


Performance Reporting
Manager Monitoring
Client Education and Support
Vendor Evaluation


About Pavilion

As a leading not-for-profit investment consultant, we offer a full spectrum of research, advice and delegated solutions for healthcare, endowments, foundations and faith-based organizations.

$465 Billion

Assets under advisement for non-profit clients


Healthcare clients


Higher education clients


Foundations and other non-profit clients


Please see Important notices for further information.

Services to be provided by Mercer Investments LLC, which is one of several, associated legal entities that provides investments services to clients as part of a global investment advisory and investment management business (collectively referred to as “Mercer”).

Please see “Important Notices” for more information on Assets Under Management and Assets Under Advisement.

Information above is as of December 31, 2018

1The case study is an illustration of Mercer's capabilities provided to one client. Client results will vary and there can be no guarantee of similar results.

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