Our responsible investing services, including SRI, environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations, and Impact investing, help non-profits incorporate sustainable business in their portfolio

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Our responsible investing services, including SRI, environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations, and Impact investing, help non-profits incorporate sustainable business in their portfolio

Responsible Investing

Responsible Investing

Creating a portfolio that reflects your values

Pursuing Financial Return—and Advancing Social Good        

What values are important to your organization? At Pavilion, we can help you develop a portfolio that reflects your specific morals and ethics. That’s because we recognize the critical role of responsible investing, whether motivated by a desire to ensure your portfolio is aligned with your mission, values, or environmental, social and governance (ESG) beliefs.         

  • Investing in line with your beliefs and financial goals. Over the last several years, responsible investing has gained significant traction as more investors strive to incorporate sustainable businesses in their portfolio in order to positively impact investment performance — and make a positive impact in the world.  To help you advance your goals, our consultants work closely with you to develop a holistic approach to investment program design that includes custom investment policy development, responsibly-aware asset allocation advice, and responsible investment manager selection.
  • SRI. Through SRI (socially responsible investing), you can avoid investments in industries or companies that generate revenue from goods or services that contradict your values or beliefs. We can help you evaluate a broad universe of investment opportunities that align your portfolio with your organization’s principles.    

  •  ESG. ESG  offers a more holistic approach aimed at identifying industries or companies that goes beyond financial metrics to measure success and aim to improve the world through effective environmental, social and governance practices. ESG considerations are embedded in our manager research process, which provides a natural and cohesive approach to helping you determine which are appropriate for your portfolio.     

  • Impact. Impact investing enables you to strive for both a measurable social or environmental impact — and strong financial returns. For example, many responsible investors now take part in shareholder engagement initiatives, working closely with the companies they own to improve such practices.
  • Deeply rooted in responsible investing. As a leader in the field, we advised the United Nations on the development of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) — an international network of investors committed to incorporating the UN’s principles for ESG issues into their investment practices — and we are also a UN PRI signatory. 

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Pavilion's dedicated not-for-profit consulting team provides creative perspectives and customized solutions that can help you deliver on your mission over the long term.

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As a leading not-for-profit investment consultant, we offer a full spectrum of research, advice and delegated solutions for healthcare, endowments, foundations and faith-based organizations.    


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